FDRNZ is a family mediation service that helps your connect to a fdrp mediator that is right for your family. Information on resolving custody, family dispute resolution and parenting through separation in New Zealand

FDRNZ: Family Mediation Service for New Zealand families

Connecting you to a mediator that fits your family.

If you are going through conflict within your family and need to work out a way forward, FDRNZ can help.

Conflict happens and families change and all of this is OK. What hurts is when conflict continues. We offer a process that enables you to manage your conflict and enhances your children's well-being.

Our group of practitioners together are some of the highest qualified and most experienced mediators in New Zealand. FDNRZ offers family dispute resolution within the new Family Justice System, designed individually to meet the particular needs of the people involved.

Our commitment to you is to  provide best practice for children and families.

FDR is a way for families to work out arrangements for the care of their children together after separation and to make sure that they are able to make important decisions in the future. For more information on how FDR works read more here.

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