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Ava Gibson

 Ava Gibson

Ava Gibson

I am skilled at guiding parents and guardians to make agreements that are in their children’s best interest. I understand the challenges for parents in discussing and making these decisions, particularly in the often-stressful time of parenting through separation.

Working with families is a role I am passionate about. I bring to the role of family mediation many years of relevant experience, professionalism, and an insightful, calm presence.

 My background includes establishing and managing a disability service in the education sector, and resolving issues and accommodations around inclusion in education for people with a disability or health condition.  I am an Arbitrator for Ministry of Education, special education. 

I originally trained as a social worker, and specialised in work with teenagers and their families. This included providing a school counselling service, running communication skills programmes for parents, facilitating groups for women living in violent relationships, and work with families during times of conflict.

For the past seven years in my own business I have provided services as a coach, facilitator, consultant and dispute resolver.

I am an accredited mediator and Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) provider with LEADR, the Association of Dispute Resolvers.  I coach participants on LEADR’s mediation workshops.  I assess applicants applying for both LEADR’s panel of mediators and those providing Family Dispute Resolution.  I also provide professional supervision for family and other dispute resolvers.  I was CEO of LEADR in 2013.

My coaching practice includes assisting people to have ‘hard-to-have’ conversations, and in strategies to manage, resolve and move-on from conflict. With a strong commitment to ongoing learning, my coaching draws on the latest research in neuro-science and positive psychology to enable individuals to make effective change.

Coaching can take place in person or by Skype. I am based in Wellington and grew up in heartland South Taranaki.

 LEADR Accredited Mediator

LEADR Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Provider

FDR contract with supplier Family Works Central

Available for private mediations and for coaching prior to or post mediation