What is Family Dispute Resolution

Family Dispute Resolution is a way of working out care of children and custody issues without going to court, under the new New Zealand Family Justice System. FDRNZ is a group of experienced and highly trained mediators who can help families find a process that is right for them.

What is Family Dispute Resolution?

After separation a lot of families are able to reach agreements that work for them without help, but mediation has proven to be of great value to many families and whanau to make sure that agreements meet their needs and above all make sure that the agreements work in the best interest of their children.

An FDR mediator is a trained and accredited mediator who will help you work towards agreements for care arrangements with your children.

The FDR mediator will not make a decision for you but will help you work out the issues and focus on the best outcome for your children.

The new Family Justice system in New Zealand gives access to all families to mediation and with that the opportunity to take their own decisions and create their own arrangements. If you are eligible for state funding FDR mediation is free. If you are not eligible there is a fee of and the cost for FDR mediation is equally shared between the parties. For more information about the cost of FDR click here.